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Οθόνη αφής για Doogee X5 X5 Pro

9,56 €
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1.In case any mistake please open your machine and confirm the part is the exact one you need.
2.Please complete this operation under the relevant professionals.

1.Brand new and high quality.
2.Fit for Doogee X5/X5 Pro.
3.The item can be used to replace the broken touch screen of your cellphone.
1.Color: Black
2.Screen size: 13.6 x 6.7cm
3.Material: Plastic
4.Fit for:  Doogee X5/X5 Pro
1.Prepare for some tools;
2.Use screwdriver open motherboard, data line interface and internal screws are removed.
3.Use small blade to open a seam, then insert disassemble rods along the perimeter of the screen, take up the old screen.
4.Then put to the new screen, just follow the reverse steps to make the machine back together.
Package Included:
1x Doogee X5/X5 Pro Touch Screen Panel



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